Processing complaints during the pandemic

During the pandemic, many telecom and television customers are having difficulty contacting their service providers. If you are one of those customers, should you file a complaint?

The CCTS mandate does not allow us to accept complaints about “customer service”.  Unfortunately, we can’t accept complaints about long wait times to reach your provider. However, if you have an issue with your bill, your service or any other telecom or TV-related problem, the CCTS is still here to help.

Trying to resolve the issue with your service provider

Our process has always required customers to first try to resolve their complaint with their service provider before filing a complaint with the CCTS. That hasn’t changed.

During the pandemic, it can be a challenge contacting a customer service representative, as many service providers are operating at reduced capacity. Some service providers offer multiple channels through which they can be reached, such as phone, email and chat. Customers should explore all available means of communication with their provider.

Our rules require a customer to give their service provider a “reasonable opportunity” to resolve the complaint, before the CCTS can get involved. In the event that a customer has not been able to contact their provider, and has been attempting to do so for  5 calendar days, the CCTS will consider that the provider has had a reasonable opportunity to resolve the complaint and will likely accept the complaint, provided of course that it falls within the CCTS mandate.

Slower internet speeds and service disruptions

With the recent unprecedented demand on the networks of Canada’s service providers, a significant number of customers has experienced some issues with their internet service, such as slow speeds and unstable connections. Internet customers should make an effort to contact their service provider to discuss the matter before escalating to the CCTS.